Monday, June 6, 2011

Lucketts Finds

As promised- here are my finds from Lucketts.  It's probably a good thing I had limited space in the truck coming home because I would have ended up spending a whole heck of a lot more!

These were for my husband- he's been after some old seltzer bottles for a while now.   A set of six, with the crate, for an awesome deal.

I didn't have to walk far for this sweet piece by Cassie of Primitive and Proper.
It's part of an old vanity. The drawers would be perfect for holding papers; they're about 8 1/2 x 11 inches, probably slightly larger. I was on the fence trying to decide if I would keep it for myself or give it to the girls for their trinkets.  Well, as you can probably guess, it's now in the girls' room.  They played tea party with it for a while, and now it sits on their pretty!

Check out this spool of wired "pearls" from Findings at Summerhouse.
 I can't wait to create with these:

Remember this post?   Well, look what came home with me....
filled with ice, perfect for serving cold drinks at a backyard party:

I've been out picking this past week, so I'll be sharing some more finds with you soon!


  1. glad the girls are enjoying their little set of drawers! i love the wired pearls- how fun are htose? what are you going to make with them?

  2. hi cassie! well, my daughter has already used some of the wire for a school project- antennae for her bug model! however, I'm envisioning some embellished bottles:)

  3. Christine. I love your pictures and all your finds! I would like to see your embellished bottles too!