Thursday, March 31, 2011

list and a link

Trying to accomplish a few things in a few days....
  • pick a new paint color for the family room and floor plans stink when it comes time to paint.  The family room desperately needs a paint job, but unfortunately, the family room and the kitchen are only separated by a knee wall, which means this project is snowballing. The ceilings in both rooms also need to be painted, which means I will end up painting the ceiling in the main hallway leading out of the kitchen as well......
  • choose portraits and frames for a gallery wall over the sofa.....this idea needs to pass the committee's inspection (aka my husband). Hopefully this won't take too much convincing because I am tired of looking at the two nails sticking out of the wall.  Did I tell you I left the Christmas wreath hanging way longer than I should have, just so I had something on the wall?
  • clean out the scary closet in the kitchen, as well as the scary tupperware cabinet....
  • paint the sideboard and china cabinet sitting in the garage....
  • find the perfect First Communion dress for daughter #1,which both girls will most likely end up wearing. 
  • help hubby finish up a major project which just needs some finishing touches, but those little details will make or break this piece.....can't wait to share....and, no, it's not a farm table.
  • take out the Easter decorations.
So........these are ambitious tasks for an indecisive gal like myself.......chances are, this list will not be completed by Sunday, but a girl can dream.....

Oh, and here's that link- in case you haven't seen this-  a great way to envision paint colors you may be considering for your home:


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. So glad I did. I'll be following ;)


  2. love your blog! i always check for updates. and photos of you life and projects..miss you so madly! would love to see your shop and have our families meet...we are only 3 hours away from each other! keep up the great work!
    -maryann mcafee( davish ) in case you forget, christiny

  3. and can you add to the list of to dos..
    blog regularly! :)
    would love to read more about you and stay in touch this way! following along!