Thursday, March 31, 2011

list and a link

Trying to accomplish a few things in a few days....
  • pick a new paint color for the family room and floor plans stink when it comes time to paint.  The family room desperately needs a paint job, but unfortunately, the family room and the kitchen are only separated by a knee wall, which means this project is snowballing. The ceilings in both rooms also need to be painted, which means I will end up painting the ceiling in the main hallway leading out of the kitchen as well......
  • choose portraits and frames for a gallery wall over the sofa.....this idea needs to pass the committee's inspection (aka my husband). Hopefully this won't take too much convincing because I am tired of looking at the two nails sticking out of the wall.  Did I tell you I left the Christmas wreath hanging way longer than I should have, just so I had something on the wall?
  • clean out the scary closet in the kitchen, as well as the scary tupperware cabinet....
  • paint the sideboard and china cabinet sitting in the garage....
  • find the perfect First Communion dress for daughter #1,which both girls will most likely end up wearing. 
  • help hubby finish up a major project which just needs some finishing touches, but those little details will make or break this piece.....can't wait to share....and, no, it's not a farm table.
  • take out the Easter decorations.
So........these are ambitious tasks for an indecisive gal like myself.......chances are, this list will not be completed by Sunday, but a girl can dream.....

Oh, and here's that link- in case you haven't seen this-  a great way to envision paint colors you may be considering for your home:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Handcrafted Farm Tables

Here's a look at some of our handcrafted tables:
These chairs were finished by Wendy and Lindsey of Beans and Buttons, another vendor at Wild Rose & Co.  
They looked great with the blue washed table below:

This tapered leg table recently sold to a local family. The table top has a gorgeous grain pattern.

The table below is currently at Chartreuse & Company.  It has incredible 5 inch turned legs:

In the coming weeks we plan on revamping our dining room. We'll be building a pine table similar to the table below.

The table below is one of my favorites. It sold within 30 minutes of putting it out on the floor.  I think it was 7 or 8 feet long, and it had a great worn finish.   The family who purchased it had planned to use it for an Oktoberfest.   Another customer was considering using it as a desk along with some industrial elements for organization- wheeled crates for storage below, metal bins on top, etc.

A weathered table like this is perfect with some long benches for backyard gatherings.
Hmm......with the warm weather coming, we may just have to get to work on one of these tables for our own yard....