Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no luck with lenses

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the motor went out on my camera lens.  Rather than spend the money on having the lens repaired, I was thinking of replacing, or even upgrading, to a better lens.  I totally lucked out when a friend of mine offered to send me her 18-55mm Canon lens as a replacement. 
I had already spent some time researching lenses, so I decided I wanted to branch out a little and try some additional lenses.  Ritz Camera no longer carries Canon product, so I had to drive about 40 minutes to get to an actual camera shop that does.  I am happy with the 18-55mm, but I would love a little more zoom for soccer, tee ball, etc.   I also wanted to check out some of the fixed lenses.  There were a couple of lenses I liked, but they will have to go on my wish list for now. I opted to buy the 50mm fixed lens.  It was reasonably priced, and I thought it would be a good way for me to start getting my feet wet.
I was excited to bring it home and play around with it.  I took some garden shots (see above), and then after dinner we took the kids for a drive.   I took some shots of them on the playground, and then we drove over to a nearby covered bridge.  When we got home, as I was getting out of the truck, the flap on my camera bag opened up and out dropped my new lens! The glass did not break, but the thing split into two pieces! UGH!  I hadn't even owned it 8 hours!  This was not my week for camera lenses. 
My husband was able to snap it back together, and it seems to be taking okay pictures, but I am not totally convinced it's as good as new. 


As I'm writing this, I'm watching some DVR'd episodes of American Pickers.  I am amazed at the restraint these guys use when they walk into these treasure troves! 


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