Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today I Learned:
  • My seven year old would rather not be seen with me at school events.  Perhaps I should start wearing those silly bands on my wrists instead of buying them for her. Maybe then I would be cool enough.
  • My husband forgot to tell me he signed me up to bake brownies and my famous chocolate sheet cake for tomorrow's office BBQ.  He must have mentioned this slip up to someone at work, because this coworker called me, informed me of the situation,  and begged me to bake the office's favorite chocolate cake. Which I have told them countless times is either Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake box mix.  I can't even remember which mix I use; that's how super secret my recipe is. Apparently I am the only one who can make such a delicious chocolate cake. I really don't mind, I just think it's funny they all rave about my chocolate cake. from a box mix. in the baking aisle. of any grocery store.
  • It is not possible to "run into Target" for just three things.  (I kinda already knew that.)
  • My dog has really impressive bladder control. He refused to go outside this morning, choosing to lounge around instead, probably assuming we were just taking our usual quick trip to the bus stop, not realizing we were attending a school function and taking a quick half day trip to Target, along with a few other stops.  We did not get home until almost 2:00. Which means he had not been outside for at least 17 hours. I know, I am horrible for not rushing home to let the poor thing out to relieve himself.  Yeah, umm, there is something I should let you know. I have a condition known as "Mommy-brain."  I forget things. alot. The fact that the dog had not been out crossed my mind around noon. Then something must have happened to distract me, like a tantrum, or a  little person potty emergency.  So the potty emergency of the canine variety was put on the back burner until we pulled into the driveway, rushing to the front door for yet another little person potty emergency. Then I remembered.  He came through, like he always does.  Licks and jumps and love, and no puddles anywhere.
  • School functions and sporting events must fall under a different code.  She loves me again. Wanted me to play in the parents vs. players soccer game today. So I did.
  • There is a reason why the recommended age on the Slip-n-Slide box is 5-12 years. While trying to bank some cool mom points, I landed on my bottom and literally heard my neck crack.  I am feeling it in my back.  Right now I am afraid to go to bed because I am not sure if I will be able to actually lift my body out of bed tomorrow.  I am feeling very old and not very cool.

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