Friday, June 18, 2010

love her style

                                                             photo courtesy of Jenni Bowlin

A while back I took an online scrapbooking class with Jenni Bowlin.  The class focused on using vintage finds in your creations. The thing I loved about this class was that it gave me an excuse (like I really needed one) to head out and find vintage ephemera like old valentines, sheet music, ledger paper, etc.   Quite honestly, I never really accomplished much in the way of tangible assignments, other than posting my great finds in the class gallery.  I loved being able to come home, share my finds, and have others with similar interests appreciate the coolness factor.  
Anyway, Jenni has an incredible sense of style.  She is in the midst of decorating her newly built home, and every so often will share snippets of it on her blog.  Her recent post about her keeping room has been keeping me up at night trying to figure out how I can replicate this exact room in my own home. And her kitchen? Take a peek:

                                                             photo courtesy of Jenni Bowlin

So inspired, I am going to attempt to head out with the kids today.....perhaps a barn this morning and P.B. outlet in the afternoon? Perfect combination of old and new.


  1. I adore that look too! :) Those glass bottles at the top right of her kitchen picture are so divine!

  2. I see what you mean...I love it too!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms with us!
    Thanks for stopping by and for you sweet comment. I'm so glad you did so I could find your lovely blog!
    Have a good night! :)