Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grain Sack Camp Stools

Over a month ago I picked up an old wooden camp stool dirt cheap. It was in pretty good shape, but it needed some cleaning up. I couldn't decide if I would leave it as it was, or paint it and recover it with a cute patterned fabric.   So, there it sat, like so many other projects of mine I have yet to get to.  Until this weekend.  
I came across another similar camp stool at an estate sale.  I also picked up some grain sacks. As I was sifting through the grain sacks, I was stacking them on top of the stool, and then it hit me - a sort of "happy accident" - these would make great seat covers for the stools!

I machine washed the grain sacks in Oxy Clean, then I ran them through another cycle with regular detergent.  There was a little bit of shrinkage, but not too bad, and the graphics faded a little bit.  A few of the sacks still have stains, but the ones I chose for this project were pretty clean.  
I removed the old canvas covers from the stools. I was able to remove the staples fairly easily, but one of the stools had tacks that were not so easy to remove.  I was able to pull the canvas off while leaving the tacks in place. 

Then I hosed down the stools and let them dry in the sun. Once dry, I wiped the stools  with Pledge.  They probably should have been sanded a little, but I just wasn't up to the task. 

 I only used one side of each sack for the seat covers. I will use the other sides for some other projects.....because now my wheels are turning.
I ran a quick machine stitch along the edges, and attached the seats to the stools using a finicky staple gun.  The ends of the fabric were wrapped around and tucked under, so the staples don't show.  When I get a chance I think I may reinforce it with some upholstery tacks. 

 This was a pretty quick and easy project. The hardest part was placing the grain sack in such a way that I didn't lose any of the cool graphics.  I also had to make sure the fabric was taught, as it seems to have quite a bit of give to it.  If I were to do it over again, I would probably reinforce the grain sack with some heavy duty canvas as a backing.  Right now it is probably fine for the kids, but I'm not sure how sturdy the seat is for an adult. 

Now I am on the prowl for three more stools, so we can each have a seat while we roast marshmallows this summer.

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  1. Hello...
    So glad you came on by to see me! I remember you very well as I remember telling you of my business partners story of the old boyfriend and the bell bucket. Ha ha.

    Love these little seats! Very fun. If you ever want a custom sign let me know. Would love to do one for you.

    New follower too!

  2. These are really cute don't you just love it when a project just comes together..
    hugs, Cherry

  3. Fun! A great project! I need to finish some of my projects. Hmm! If you keep putting these type of post up you're going to make me feel guilty!