Monday, May 10, 2010

This has been a crazy, hectic week.  Mother's Day events at school, baking for said events, tee-ball, soccer, get the idea.  Hubby just called to say he will be a little late,  go ahead and feed the kids dinner without him.  Of course this call comes in while I have a roast beef in the oven along with some yummy sweet potatoes. This is one of the few nights this week we would actually be able to sit down and have a real dinner as a family without rushing off to one activity or another. Oh well.  Such is the glamorous life of an Army wife.  It isn't all homecoming celebrations and formals, you know ;)

While I am waiting for the roast to finish, I am sitting here getting lost in a few blogs I have recently come across.

I am loving Patina White.  Every Wednesday Beth showcases a part of her home," a corner of her world." I particularly like her laundry room and entryway. The plans for the house were derived from a plan from an early 1900's book of builder's plans. How cool is that? Very. 

Ticking and Toile had me at hello with her post on Swedish style in America.

 My French Country Home  had me at bonjour. I am in love with that house.

Time to carve the roast and feed the troops. Take care....

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