Saturday, May 22, 2010

fresh from the garden

Early this morning, outfitted in pajamas and flip flops, we all went out back to pick strawberries.  This is the first time I can remember getting this many before the bunnies got to them. 
Three dozen delicious strawberries. Fresh from our garden.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rainy day goodness

I used to love rainy days.....snuggling up on the couch with a good book, watching movies, napping......then we got a dog.  A wet dog tracking in mud is not my idea of fun.  But then, we had children.  Children who have restored my love of rainy days.  They see a rainy day and cheer, "Hooray! We get to build blanket tents in the basement! And play with flashlights!"  
All is good.  

Yesterday I picked up some new paint for the kids. Based on their reactions, you would have thought it was Christmas.  So instead of blanket camps, they made pictures. Plenty of pictures. Pictures that sadly will have to go into the recycling bin when they are not looking. Or get mailed out to a few hundred of our closest friends.  There are quite a few keepers in this batch though.
Mommy, look, here's Daddy grabbing you a flower!
 Here's Daddy grabbing you another flower!

Then there's this one.  I painted a sunshine and a stem to get my two year old started. I suggested she paint a pink or purple circle on top of the stem. This is more like what she had in mind.

 A beautiful sunflower, which then morphed into a beautiful garden.

 The rain continued for a second day and so did paint-a-palooza. I literally had to drag the little one away from the table to eat lunch and dinner.

 Those yellow circles under the rainbow? That's sunshine. Because as you know,  you can't have a rainbow without it.  :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

This has been a crazy, hectic week.  Mother's Day events at school, baking for said events, tee-ball, soccer, get the idea.  Hubby just called to say he will be a little late,  go ahead and feed the kids dinner without him.  Of course this call comes in while I have a roast beef in the oven along with some yummy sweet potatoes. This is one of the few nights this week we would actually be able to sit down and have a real dinner as a family without rushing off to one activity or another. Oh well.  Such is the glamorous life of an Army wife.  It isn't all homecoming celebrations and formals, you know ;)

While I am waiting for the roast to finish, I am sitting here getting lost in a few blogs I have recently come across.

I am loving Patina White.  Every Wednesday Beth showcases a part of her home," a corner of her world." I particularly like her laundry room and entryway. The plans for the house were derived from a plan from an early 1900's book of builder's plans. How cool is that? Very. 

Ticking and Toile had me at hello with her post on Swedish style in America.

 My French Country Home  had me at bonjour. I am in love with that house.

Time to carve the roast and feed the troops. Take care....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shabby Chic Dresser and Mirror


I am linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch.

 This dresser seemed to be the never-ending project.  We bought it back in January for $40.  It was painted black, with black wooden knobs.  Here is a picture of it after it had been sanded, without the drawers:

 Since it was too cold to take it outside and spray paint it, I decided to paint it in the basement. Notice the reddish tint in the photo above?  Even after three coats of primer, and at least four coats of white paint, a hint of PINK still came through.  My father seems to think the dresser is made from red maple; my husband thinks it's made from some kind of fruit wood.  All I know is it took a heck of a lot of paint to make it actually look white. The first nice weekend we had, I took it in the yard and spray painted it.  I wish I had done this from the start. Spray painting it gave it the best coverage. 
Just when I thought it was nearly done, and I could get my daughters' clothes in order, we realized the drawers had swelled, and we couldn't fit them into the dresser! (It wasn't from all the coats of paint.) My husband had to take the drawers out to the garage and trim them down.  They needed another coat of spray paint after that.
On top of this, one of the new drawer pulls had broken.  UGH!

Last week, I found this mirror at the Kirkland's outlet, and I spray painted it white to match the dresser.  

Once I painted the mirror, I decided I wanted to paint the drawer pulls as well.  Now it has more of a shabby chic feel, rather than the Gustavian look I was originally going for, but I am happy with the result.