Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday Drive

This past weekend we loaded up the kids and took them for a drive.  Outlet shopping, IHOP, and some antiquing too! Can't get a much better day than that!  This is something we don't do very often because the ducklings usually don't have the patience for an entire day of shopping.
My husband was awesome. He dealt with the kids so I could look around and try on clothes. Not much luck in that department, but that's okay. It was nice just hanging out as a family, and having someone with me to give an opinion.

We left the outlets by lunchtime. The kids were arguing trying to decide on Burger King or McDonald's for lunch, when we spotted an IHOP! Problem solved.  I think the lunch break was the perfect way to get us through the next few hours.  We headed to a couple of our favorite antique stores. The littlest bug had fallen asleep, and the two oldest were distracted by all the pebbles in the parking lot, so my husband and I took turns going in and looking around. 
We parked right in front of these old double wash basins:
The one on the right would look great with a fresh coat of blue paint. I would take either one, but  I fell in love with the one on the left.  Wouldn't it be perfect for beer and soda at our next  backyard gathering?  I had looked at these before, but I have never seen one in such good shape.  I told my husband I would host parties more often if we had this ;)   I even swore I would clean up our dungeon in the basement laundry room to find a place for it in between parties. Wouldn't it look great in a bright laundry room with bead board walls?  

I just may have to go back for it.  If it's not there, then it wasn't meant to be.

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