Saturday, April 17, 2010

Right Now

  • I am in awe of my oldest and her nurturing ways with the youngest.  I fully expected jealousy from this one, but instead I get help and understanding when she needs to wait on me while I tend to #3.   
  • Daddy is pushing BIG TIME to get a truck- because "every family needs a truck."   So of course, the boy is all about wanting a truck too.  I, on the other hand, am not so quick to want to run out and get one.  We already have two perfectly good vehicles.  To which the boy said, "We can just yard sale the blue car."   
  • The boy has a really cute barn jacket I purchased on sale in Gymboree, if that gives you any idea how absolutely cute it is.  Anyway, for some reason, he thinks it's "puffy," and doesn't like wearing it.   Yesterday he advised, "We should have a yard sale for that puffy jacket."  Yes. I agree. A yard sale, for that puffy jacket alone. 
  •  I am starting to recognize the influence my tastes have on the youngest.  This week she declared Oreos to be her favorite cookies. Not only was I impressed she said the word "favorite," but I am immensely proud of her wise choice.    
  • I have to admit, when certain songs come on the car radio, I turn up the volume and I sing. I also have to admit, these days I like country music. (Where I grew up, one does not publicly admit to such a thing.)  Anyway, this song gets the kids moving every time:       I usually catch #2 in the rear view mirror playing air guitar and snapping his fingers. #3 bops her head and kicks her feet. Only now she is starting to sing the words!  At first she would just sing the chicken fried part.  Today she starting singing, "Friday night!!!"  Then- it happened- she expanded "Friday night" to "BEER on a Friday night!"  Hysterical, but worrysome.  
  • While we are on the topic of the Zac Brown Band,  this is one of those songs I wish had been written for me (by my husband, of course):
  • I am contemplating a complete switch to Mint Milanos and classical music.

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