Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pigeon Carrier

  A couple of weeks ago, I found this neat basket in a local antique shop.  The nice thing about this particular shop is that they carry large quantities of each item. So if you find something you like, you have your pick of the pile.  I actually went in there looking for a dough bowl, but this basket caught my eye because it was all alone, kind of left in a weird spot.  It didn't have a tag on it, so I took it to the salesman and asked three questions:  What was this used for?   How much does it cost?   Do you have any more I can look at?  No, this was the last one. The price was okay. He thinks it was used as a pigeon carrier.

   Hmm.  My first thought had been an artillery basket, but then I realized it was probably too small.  I think he was right.  I don't know about you, but I can't say I'm a fan of pigeons.  The nice gentleman must have sensed I was turned off by his description, so he continued.  I have to give him credit- he certainly knew how to put a good spin on it. Yes, World War I, maybe World War II, France, definitely France. (Isn't that what every housewife wants to hear? An old basket from France!!! Oh, I must have it! ;)  Anyhow, he went on to explain how people would ride their bicycles with their pigeons in the basket on the front.

It needed some cleaning up, but I really wanted it, and I abandoned the idea of a dough bowl for now.

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